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You Tube

You Tube …?
This may come as a surprise to some but I’m no luddite.
I love genuine innovations and developments that enhance my riding, but I can’t have been alone in going through a great many disappointments of the over promise and under performance variety with bike tech and kit.
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Fast Over 50

I used to be quite fast over 50 miles.
Now that I’ve passed my 50th birthday I’m starting to look at “fast over 50” in a whole new light and it’s got me wondering if it’s possible to turn the clock back with some modern cycling science interventions.
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Of Injury, Rehabilitation & Reinvention

Of Injury and Reinvention
I’ve not blogged for a while so thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a wee (sorry, long) story. I (Gav – one half of RBC) damaged my back exactly seven years ago. From the moment I did it, lifting a very light but large box, I knew it was very different from other tweaks and injuries I’d had previously – turns out it was a ruptured disc.
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Iconic Places – Ghisallo

Iconic Places – Ghisallo
One of our favourite road climbs is the Ghisallo above Lake Como in Italy. 
This historic climb rises up from Bellagio on the shores of the Lake to the very moving Madonna del Ghisallo chapel, which is also known as the Cyclist’s Chapel by Papal Decree. 
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West Highlands Gravel Recce Part 1

West Highlands Mini Recce – The Clammy Chamois Rides Again
Day 1
Speed Bonnie Boat Like a Bird on the Wing Over the Sea …. to Mull
A wee half and half day from Craignure to Tobermory.  Half on tarmac and half on glorious gravel.  The section of forestry road overlooking Loch Frisa ………
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