Iconic Places – Ghisallo

Iconic Places – Ghisallo

One of our favourite road climbs is the Ghisallo above Lake Como in Italy. 

This historic climb rises up from Bellagio on the shores of the Lake to the very moving Madonna del Ghisallo chapel, which is also known as the Cyclist’s Chapel by Papal Decree.

The Ghisallo climb was also one of Fausto Coppi’s favoured launchpads for many of his famous exploits in the Giro del Lombardy, the Race of the Falling Leaves.
Then and Now pics ….

Top Left pic: “Il Campionissimo” a man riding alone on the lower slopes of the Ghisallo. 
Bottom Right pic: The building in the background – with the RBC van getting loaded up outside – is now our favoured Hotel on our Geneva to Venice & Geneva to Bergamo trips.

The building in the background of the pics is still in the same family’s ownership as it was in Coppi’s day and it’s always a joy to visit and catch up with our friends.

Vai, Vai, Vai ….

Old Coppi Pic: Cor Vos / Pez Cycling

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