Of Injury, Rehabilitation & Reinvention

I’ve not blogged for a while so thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a wee (sorry, long) story.  I damaged my back exactly seven years ago.  From the moment I did it, lifting a very light but large box, I knew it was very different from other tweaks and injuries I’d had previously – turns out it was a ruptured disc.

It stopped me training & racing and for long periods of time I was also unable to ride. Sometimes the pain would ease up a bit and I’d get back on the bike again only for it to “go” again after a few days or weeks.

Anyway long story short …. after finally getting referred for MRI scans and an immediate referral for surgery. I went under the knife 2 1/2 years ago. Immediate pain relief but a long and protracted rehab to get back riding and to build up some fitness which, as those of you who are in (or have passed) your 50th will know how long this takes, especially if you’ve put on bit of weight during the de-training period.

Anyway, whilst still having a back that needs constant care and attention, I am now actually finally training once more.  I’m sharing this, not because I want any sympathy or well done’s, but because I want to encourage anyone else who is in a similar situation, with an injury that affects their hobby or sport, to keep pushing and pushing till they find the right team of people to get them diagnosed, treated, rehabilitated and back doing what they love. 

At the risk of sounding cliched (there’s a cliche right there) Don’t Give Up!  I should have pushed harder and sooner to get the treatment I needed, so don’t leave it thinking “it’ll heal itself”.  Time passes too quickly. Attend to it NOW and don’t be fobbed off.

I’d also like to thank my fiance Chez (the other half of RBC) for her support and understanding (I may have been a little grumpy at times), Karen aka The Bodywork Coach in Cumbria www.facebook.com/thebodyworkcoach/ for her ongoing (and excellent) Biomechanics based treatments which have been the cornerstone of me returning to training and to Linsday who was my post surgery physio who “got it”.

So, I’m now looking forwards to a return to some sort of racing next year …… and on that note if you’re looking for some set up advice, bike fit assistance or want to improve an aspect of your training, cycling biomechanics or aerodynamics I can genuinely recommend the folks at The Boardman Performance Centre (we don’t have an industry connection with them and I paid the full, regular price to visit the Centre for an Aerofit Session. The depth of professional knowledge and experience these guys have is amazing, as are their facilities. You’ll get World Champion level advice with absolutely no elitism – https://www.boardmanbikes.com/…/boardman-performance-centr…/

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