You Tube

You Tube …?

This may come as a surprise to some but I’m no luddite.

I love genuine innovations and developments that enhance my riding, but I can’t have been alone in going through a great many disappointments of the over promise and under performance variety with bike tech and kit.

A pair of early generation carbon soled cycling shoes spring to mind.  They made my, previously problem free, feet, and their associated legs, turn numb after two hours and left my legs visibly swollen and me crippled after a day in the Alps.  But hey, they were such a cool shade of yellow …. what’s an ice bath or two to reduce the swelling where being on trend is concerned. 

Bikes than don’t steer right, carbon frames that crack in two places after four months and 300kms of riding, new bottom bracket standards that offer anything but a performance enhancement or, my favourite, a pair of first generation BOA laced shoes that were sent to me to review and on which the non stick BOA lace coating came off of after ten rides and jammed in the dial rendering the shoes irremovable …. without tools.  My review of the latter wasn’t published in it’s original form as the website involved was concerned at loosing advertising revenues from the shoe distributor.  I don’t review free or loaned kit any more.  Too many vested interests from too many people who care little about cycling or riders.

Experiences like these have turned me into somewhat of a late adopter when it comes to “new & improved” bike kit.

So it is with some trepidation that I am bucking the tubeless trend (messy side of the trail/road repairs for the all too frequent “not designed to seal that sort of puncture” moments), eschewing traditional heavy butyl inner tubes and have splashed some cash on some Tubolito Tubes.

They are made of a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer and promise much …. “2x Tougher than Standard Butyl Inner Tubes – according to puncture tests” …. and whilst I don’t know what any of that actually means in the real world, they are almost the size of an espresso and are very orange. 

In fact they are so ORANGE if they fail as functional inner tubes I may be able recycle them by selling them to the Lodge as sashes for high-tech thermoplastic elastomer fetishists.

Bibendum eat your heart out …. possibly!


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