The Roads More Gravelled with Rather Be Cycling

Have you gone over to the Dark Side yet?

The new Dark Side is Gravel Riding which was, of course, a thing before it was called Gravel.  When I started club riding in the early 80’s (1980’s not 1880’s!) it was just called forest road riding.  A ride on the forest roads of South West Scotland might have a wee bit of Rough Stuff thrown in or a bothy night included.  It would always include a Drum Up and would always be memorable for the wildlife seen, the historical sites passed and the simple joys of social riding in a car free environment.

It’s the same as Bikepacking being a thing before it was branded up as bikepacking – and let me be clear I genuinely love the activity, but the name really grinds my gears.  It’s been around for pretty much as long as there’s been bikes and bags that can be made to fit one.  It just simply used to be called Touring, Off Road Touring or, if you were chatting to a Rough Stuff Fellowship rider, it would be just be wonderfully understated as, “a grand weekend”.

Anyway, with our roads becoming ever busier and with Repetitive Sportive Fatigue now becoming a “thing” too now is the perfect time to recharge your riding by discovering, rediscovering, the roads more gravelled.  Relax, breathe, make cycling social again, ride amongst nature and recharge with Rather Be Cycling.

We are now offering NEW, guided or self guided, gravel riding experiences – both single & multi day – in England, Scotland & Wales.  We organise rides for individuals and groups, small or large, and can run gravel experiences on a bikepacking* & glamping basis through to our lightweight “less grind, more gravel” days and trips staying in B&B’s & Hotels.

We’ve a huge portfolio of gravel based rides and routes that we’ve recce’d and ridden ourselves available – both linear trips and centre based day rides.

With so many variables re group size, style of trip, location/s, number of days, accommodation preferred, etc. we price all our gravel experiences to meet your budget and requirements. Call our office on 01768 778848 to talk gravel and book your Summer or Autumn fall colours Road More Gravelled adventures now.

We can now also organise quality bike hire, subject to availability, if you are looking for a gravel-tastic try before you buy taster**

*Apologies – Off Road Touring

**NB – a gravel taster trips generally results in a new bike purchase shortly afterwards 

Rather Be Cycling
01768 778848

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