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Over the Hill or Over the Alps …. or Pyrenees

Ageing … I can’t help but conclude that 1) getting older can be a bollocks right enough and 2) it’s also a case of use it or loose it. I’m not in denial about getting older you understand.  It’s just …
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Fast Over 50

I used to be quite fast over 50 miles.
Now that I’ve passed my 50th birthday I’m starting to look at “fast over 50” in a whole new light and it’s got me wondering if it’s possible to turn the clock back with some modern cycling science interventions.
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Of Injury, Rehabilitation & Reinvention

Of Injury and Reinvention
I’ve not blogged for a while so thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a wee (sorry, long) story. I (Gav – one half of RBC) damaged my back exactly seven years ago. From the moment I did it, lifting a very light but large box, I knew it was very different from other tweaks and injuries I’d had previously – turns out it was a ruptured disc.
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