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The Roads More Gravelled with Rather Be Cycling

Have you gone over to the Dark Side yet? The new Dark Side is Gravel Riding which was, of course, a thing before it was called Gravel.  When I started club riding in the early 80’s (1980’s not 1880’s!) it …
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Over the Hill or Over the Alps …. or Pyrenees

Ageing … I can’t help but conclude that 1) getting older can be a bollocks right enough and 2) it’s also a case of use it or loose it. I’m not in denial about getting older you understand.  It’s just …
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You Tube

You Tube …?
This may come as a surprise to some but I’m no luddite.
I love genuine innovations and developments that enhance my riding, but I can’t have been alone in going through a great many disappointments of the over promise and under performance variety with bike tech and kit.
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Fast Over 50

I used to be quite fast over 50 miles.
Now that I’ve passed my 50th birthday I’m starting to look at “fast over 50” in a whole new light and it’s got me wondering if it’s possible to turn the clock back with some modern cycling science interventions.
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Of Injury, Rehabilitation & Reinvention

Of Injury and Reinvention
I’ve not blogged for a while so thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a wee (sorry, long) story. I (Gav – one half of RBC) damaged my back exactly seven years ago. From the moment I did it, lifting a very light but large box, I knew it was very different from other tweaks and injuries I’d had previously – turns out it was a ruptured disc.
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The Wrang Way Roond

The Wrang Way Roond
As much as I’d like to I cannot take the credit for the concept of riding from Ayr to Lockerbie via Wanlockhead, mainly off road and on cross bikes.  That honour falls to Marcus Shields, he who hails from Sorn but habitually resides in that there London.
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