Cycling Holidays Worldwide

Rather Be Cycling are specialists in the field of group travel, adventure cycling holidays and we sell Land Only holiday packages.

As a customer, group travel offers you a great value for money holiday experience and it’s at its most rewarding when everybody in the group appreciates that a little bit of flexibility can be required at times.  Adventure cycling is just that – adventurous travel by bicycle, often in remote mountainous regions.  Land Only packages comprise of all the “in-country” services (accommodation, transfers, meal plan, guiding, staff and transport) as detailed in each trip’s overview.  We are happy to advise you on what we consider to be suitable flight options although we do not, at present, offer flight inclusive travel.

Holiday Types

We offer three different types of cycling holidays – Road, Mountain Bike and Adventure X.

Road Holidays are tarmac trips suitable for road, sportive or touring bikes. Each trip’s overview recommends what we consider to be suitable tyres and gearing for that trip.

Mountain Bike Holidays are trips that are predominately off-road and are over rough terrain.  Our mountain bike trips are hardtail and lightweight suss friendly and it is expected that all client’s mountain bikes have front suspension and at least 26 x 2.1 knobbly tyres.  Full bike spec’s are in each trip’s overview.

Adventure X Holidays are trips that combine both tarmac (often rough) and off-road terrain.  Adventure X trips are ideally suited to both cyclocross bikes and lightweight hardtail mountain bikes.  Again, each trip’s overview provides recommendations on suitable tyres and gearing for that trip.

Book Early and Get Rolling

Our trips all become guaranteed to run on low numbers.  Check out your chosen holiday’s status on the trip overview.

  • When you see our Guaranteed to Roll icon you know that your chosen trip is running and spaces are available on a freesale basis.
  • If our Ready To RollReady to Roll icon appears this means that your chosen trip is available to book now and will become guaranteed to run when we reach our minimum numbers.
  • When you see our Limited Availability icon this means be quick spaces are running out fast.
  • When you see our Rolled/Full icon we’re, sorry, but that trip date is no longer available.

Please do not book you flights until we have confirmed your booking and confirmed your trip as running.

Holiday Grades (introducing our chili grading system)

No matter how much factual data is provided ultimately the grading of any cycling holiday is always going to be, at least partially, subjective – one person’s mild can be another’s spicy.  Variables such as personal fitness, the “up for it” factor and the wind & weather all come into play and can influence the grade.

In order to keep things as simple as possible we have developed the Rather Be Cycling Chili System to give you an insight into each trip’s grading.  We are always happy to discuss our holidays in as much detail as you wish and as part of our booking process we ask you to detail your previous cycling experiences.

One Chili = Mild Trips

Mild trips are our most leisure orientated holidays and are ideal for the commuting or more leisure oriented rider. Daily ride times will, on average, be around 3-4 hours.  The emphasis on these trips is to blend adventure cycling with cultural exploration.

Two Chilis = Hot Trips

Hot trips are ideal for the regular cyclist looking for an enjoyable yet challenging holiday.  Daily ride times will, on average, be around 4 to 5 hours but there could be the odd longer day too.  Terrain will often be somewhere between rolling and mountainous – or include a bit of both.

Three Chilis = Spicy Trips

Rather Be Cycling’s Spicy trips are designed for keen riders who are seeking a challenging holiday.  Daily ride times, will on average, be over 6 hours and the terrain will often be mountainous and may also involve riding at high altitudes in remote regions.

Naturally, we want all our customer’s to enjoy their holiday with us, to travel with us again in the future and to tell all their friends about us in glowing terms.  In order for this to happen it’s vital for your expectations to be met and this process starts with you selecting a trip that’s a good fit with your fitness and experience levels as well as your comfort zones.  Different people ride at a naturally different pace from others, that’s just the way it is.  Rather Be Cycling holidays are not elitist and they are not races or training camps.  They are, above all, friendly.  Nobody gets left behind and a member of our Team is the last person to arrive at our overnight stop.