Kit List – Nepal/Tibet Bike Holidays

This kit list is intended as a simple aid memoire to assist you when you’re packing for your holiday.  When packing, please be mindful of the baggage allowance that is applicable with your chosen airline.  However, we believe that it is always better to have gear in your kitbag and not need it than the other way round – this applies especially to wet / cold weather gear.

Please note that your bike should be both serviced and cleaned prior to packing.  We recommend using a soft bike bag or a cardboard bike box for transporting your bike.  When packed correctly both these options offer good protection for your bike and are easily packable in our baggage vehicle.

Riding Wear


Helmet – mandatory when riding
Cap or Buff
Cycling Glasses / Sunglasses


Track Mitts
Long Fingered Cycling Gloves


Cycling Shoes – SPD
Socks (x 3 or 4)

Upper Body

Wicking base layer (x 2)
Cycling Jersey short sleeved (x 2)
Cycling Jersey long sleeved (x 1)
Cycling Gilet
Outer Shell Jacket – bike specific water/wind proof
Arm warmers

Lower Body

Quality Cycling Shorts (x 2 or 3)
Cycling Longs (x 1)
Leg Warmers

Riding Kit

We suggest you use a Camelbak type cycling back pack for our Nepal trips. Choose a size (we have found the 19L Camelbak HAWG to be the ideal Nepali biking pack) that is comfortable for you and allows you to the following items comfortably:

Hydration Bladder (2L +)
Outer Shell Jacket or Cycling Gilet
Leg & Arm Warmers
Basic First Aid Kit
Bike Specific Multi Tool
Chain Tool
Chain Powerlink
Inner tubes (x 2)
Tyre Levers
Puncture Repair Kit & Tyre Boot
Spare Gear Hanger
Sun Cream
Small Bike Padlock (e.g. Abus Combiflex)

Off Bike Wear


Hat / Cap


Long Fingered Gloves


Training / Casual Shoes
Flip Flops / Crocs – keep handy in vehicle for stops

Upper Body

T Shirts (x3)
Warm Jacket (e.g. Duvet Jacket)

Lower Body

Jeans / Casual Trousers
Compression / Recovery Tights

Main Bag Contents

Compression bags are useful to separate clean and dirty clothes. Your main bag will be used to carry whatever kit you’re not using plus:

Sleeping / Overnight Kit
Toilet Bag & Personal Toiletries
Equipment Spares & Tools*
Holiday Reading
Phone & Camera Charger
Electrical Adapter (Type D plugs used in Nepal)
Power Monkey type charger (used when camping)
Wet Wipes
Insect Repellent
Hand Sanitizer
Cleaning Tablets for Hydration Bladder

Sleeping / Overnight Kit

We use a variety of accommodation types in Nepal including Hotels, Local Lodges and Full Service Camping. Please bring a 2-3 season sleeping bag with you as this will be required when using certain types of accommodation.

2-3 Season Sleeping Bag with Liner
Travel Pillow
Nightwear & Flip Flops / Crocs

*Equipment Spares & Tools – A lot of cycling equipment now requires spare parts and tools that are specific to a model, year or type.  We strongly recommend that you bring the following specific spares and tools with you that are compatible with your equipment as well as the more generic spares listed:

  • Spare Cycling Shoe Cleats & Fixing Bolts
  • Spare Gear Hanger
  • Spare Spokes, Spoke Nipples & Compatible Spoke Key
  • Chain Powerlink
  • Inner Tubes (x4)
  • Spare Rear Gear Cable Inner (x 1)
  • Spare Rear Brake Cable Inner(x 1)
  • Any non standard bike specific tools

We carry a comprehensive toolkit on the baggage vehicle and have not yet been stumped when it comes to en-route repairs.  If we need outside mechanical assistance we will do our upmost to source a bike shop that can assist.